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If you are looking for a highly competent, imaginative and dead-line oriented photographer and writer, you have arrived at the right place. Contact me for photography/writing assignments and I guarantee you complete satisfaction.I have been contributing photographs/articles to several regional and national level travel, wildlife, environmental, and ecological magazines since 1999. See Published Work for more.

Over the years, I have also put together a significantly rich stock of photographs (see Gallery) on various topics, including nature, wildlife, travel, and lifestyle. Contact me and I may have something already that you are looking for.  My photographic journey began when I was in college and a passionate high-altitude trekker. Mesmerized by the beauty of the Himalayas, I was eager to capture the sights. With limited resources, I began to use a Zenith camera that had almost gained the status of a family heirloom. But my photographs got noticed and with the payments trickling in, I began to slowly move to better photography equipment.

 For any type of Nature, wildlife, travel photographs or Photographic assignment or related articles , contact me. Details contact information is given in a separate tab…